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CitizenOne - Halo 2 tricks and stuff.

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The tricks.


Extra amo Carbine

I just found a carbine with more amo than the normal carbine. I will make a save tomorow and then you can see it yourself.



Scarab Gun save.

Want the Scarab gun, that plasma rifle that fires Scarab bolts? Fair enough, go to the botton of this page, there is a link, as usal the save can be found on that page. Have fun


Banshee explanation
The explanation of the Yellow and other colour banshees.


Yellow Banshee.

These specially modified Banshees were assigned by the hierarchs a while ago to the Zealot elites. Unfortunately due to their uncontrollable speed and awesome firepower, and of course higher Elites ranks, they decided to leave the banshee discontinued. Some specs of these banshees were found and recorded on the reach campaign. Apparently The Yellow Banshees had a higher speed and not 2 but 4 turrets; of course this was not practical as it used up too much energy. They had a double barrel banshee bomb making it heavy and troublesome to control. Elites complained, that when they boosted the banshee would spin out of control and move around. It was also decided the banshees were too colourful. Too keep it sweet, the Banshees were way too fast and ran out of energy quickly


Camouflaged Banshee

These Banshees are still used; chances are you just haven’t met them yet. Black and Dark purple in colour, driven by the Spec Ops elites. Used to infiltrate enemy facilities. Unfortunately due to energy issues you could not fire the turrets while in Camouflage mode, thus unworthy of battle. So the covenant hardly uses them.


Green Banshee.

The green Banshee is simply a civilian vehicle. You can see people like councillors drive them.


Red/Orange Banshee.

This Banshee was just assigned to the Brutes, although no different than the normal Banshee it has a much faster rate of fire and fires red projectiles.

Pink Glowing Armor
Ok first off, make a custom game type with Overshields as the shield setting. Now go play that game on any level. When playing press start and set the handicap to "Moderate" Now unpause and look at your armor, Its glowing pink! 

Inside Scarab
Just managed to get inside the Scarab on The Great Journy, its boring as it dont move, but the inside is a little differnt than the one on metropolis. The save can be found on the page linked below.

Banshee Colection

Hi, Citizen One here. I just spent hours making a colection of banshee's in one area. It took me ages positioning and placing and of course colecting all the banshee's. As said before, I dont have a camera or any similar device. So you can download the save here.

The save will be called Profile: BansheeColection
If you dont have Action Replay, ask a friend or relative if they could lend the save, or if they dont, ask someone from the net, if they dont...your screwed lol. Also to anyone who has a camera, please take some pics for me, It would be most apreciated.

Have fun =D

Golden power
On the level "Sacred Icon" Just after your on the lift that takes you to the massive flood and setinal fight, there should be Golden Setinals, Take one out and watch where he drops hes weapon, Pick it up. Its golden. Whats so good about that? I hear you say. Well not much, but it cools down alot quicker, so you dont need to hide when on heroic or legendary :)


On the level Arbiter you come to a fish tank, just before fighting the flood. In the tank are mini flood cariers, a taste of what folows...

Outside Armory.
I just managed to get outside of this level. Its a bit hard though, as I cant seem to get checkpoints. And It is too hard to describe. When I figure a way, I will upload the save to CodeJunkies.

Banshe on final fight.
I managed to get the banshe in the final fight just recently. If you have Xbox Action Reply you can download the save file from the page linked below All my saves will have "Save by CitizenOne" in the discrepition.

Outside of Delta Halo.

I Discoverd something cool a minute ago! On delta Halo, drive the tank all the way until you reach a bunch of Overshields. Blow them up and park on top of where they would be if they were still there. Now wait for them all to re-spawn. (DO NOT MOVE) when they have re-spawned, move in any direction quickly. You should go flying. Also if you wait just a little longer, I will make a save outside the map =P

All my saves are on this page!